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20th Sep 2021

Holly Willoughby launches new lifestyle brand, Wylde Moon

It’s called Wylde Moon, and it went live this morning.

TV presenter Holly Willoughby has just launched Wylde Moon, her very own lifestyle brand.

The This Morning host announced the news today, and, in a series of Instagram posts, gave fans an insight into what they can expect from the brand.

Accompanying a video, Holly said: “WYLDE MOON is live.

“I’m so excited to introduce you to @wyldemoon, a very personal project that I have been working on for a long time.

“It is a space full of things that I love and people that inspire me… from beauty and fashion, to energy and healing.”

The TV star continued: “Each month, on the full moon, we will be adding exciting new content & watch out for the WYLDE MOON boutique launching soon.”

A statement from Willoughby on the site reads: “Over the coming months, Wylde Moon will also begin offering a line of curated products, designed by myself with a team of experts. The Wylde Moon boutique will allow readers to browse the pieces that I genuinely love and have spent the last year working on.

In an IGTV post, Holly shared her team’s excitement at the launch.

She told her followers: “I’ve been on the phone to my sister and the team, and we’ve been in tears, someone’s thrown up, I won’t name them.”

She added: “It’s like we’ve just birthed this website, I think because we’ve been talking about it for so long.”

Holly said that she’s keen to know what her followers think of the brand, but is “terrified” at the same time.

She continued: “If you’re anything like me, (Wylde Moon) is going to be filled with lots of lovely stuff that you’re going to like and that’s going to intrigue you.”

Holly encouraged her followers to go check out the website, which is now live.

“It’s there in all its glory. Go and take a deep dive into the world of Wylde Moon.”