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05th Dec 2018

We all NEED one of these Father Ted Christmas jumpers immediately tbh

Rebecca O'Keeffe

christmas jumpers

Okay, YES!

Christmas is coming, and we’re pretty darn excited.

Many of us are already planning outfits to wear throughout the festive season.

From sparkles and glitter, to velvet and fur – festive style can be so exciting and fun.

But what if we threw out all that glitters, and traded the glam for a brilliant Christmas jumper?

Yes please.

christmas jumpers

UK Christmas jumpers is a site that sells gas festive jumpers, and we’re in love.

Our absolute FAVE offering on the website has to be the Father Ted jumper, for obvious reasons.

The Christmas jumper features images of Ted and Dougal, in front of church windows.

It simply says “Merry Feckin’ Christmas” across the front, and we instantly need to own it!

christmas jumpers

The jumper, which can be bought here, costs a very reasonable €21 – excluding shipping.

And if you’re not a Father Ted fan (shame on you!), fear not, as there are loads of others to choose from.

There is a Louis Theroux option, a David Attenborough option and a number of jumpers inspired by The Inbetweeners.

So much to choose from, we kind of want them all.