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06th Feb 2013

Fashion And Coffee – A Match Made In Hospitality Heaven?

Think Vogue is just a magazine? Think again...


From super skinny models who neck Ventis as if their lives depend on it during fashion week to interns legging it to the nearest Starbucks to keep demanding fashion editors from going into meltdown, the fashion industry has a ‘special’ connection to the black stuff.  

And, as a brand that prides itself on always being one step ahead of the curve, the iconic fashion bible Vogue is now bringing its ultra chic style to the Asian hospitality industry.

So why is one of the most iconic fashion magazines ever embarking on such a venture?

The Vogue brand is by no means under financial threat, but traditional print media has realised that in order to survive, other ways of generating revenue need to be explored and what better than a jumbo size Vogue cafe in one of the biggest shopping malls in the world?

There is already a hugely successful Vogue cafe in Moscow and Condé Nast, Vogue’s publishers are eager to capitalise on this success and expand the cafe brand into the Middle East.

Anna Wintour loves her coffee…

Located in Level Shoe District, a mahoosive luxury shoe store in the Dubai Mall, the Vogue cafe will offer well heeled shoppers a well earned break in stylish surroundings and taking into account its location and Dubai’s love of extravagance, we’re expecting something out of this world.

But it’s not just Dubai that the Vogue staffers have set their sights on.

Forget Paris and Milan, these days the most business-savvy labels and designers are keen to capture the Asian market so it makes sense that the original fashion bible is following suit with plans to launch a Vogue Club in Singapore and Thailand.  

Style over substance? The proof will be in the drinking…  



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