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08th Sep 2015

EXCLUSIVE: See the Stunning Imagery for the New H&M Studio AW 15 Campaign

Starring top model Edie Campbell. This is dreamy!

Utilitarian futurism, sports luxe and starburst shine.

They might seem like names for fierce team players on your local Roller Derby squad, but instead they are the themes for the H&M Studio autumn/winter 2015 collection.

The colours are bright and bold, the 70s influence is clear and (happily for Irish women) there’s a very clear way to still be a showstopper when you’re well covered up.

H&M Studio AW15 campaign_72dpi (1)

“I love the attitude and energy of H&M Studio for Autumn/Winter 2015. Sporty zip-up jackets are perfect for everyday wear, while roll necks can be styled as part of a layered look. The shimmer of lurex makes it a season to celebrate, day and night!” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M.

And shimmer we shall, mixing up our new lurex pieces with key buys in wool, nylon, leather, suede, faux fur and silk.

The collection will be available on in the College Green flagship store from Thursday 10th September 2015 and if we look half as good as stunning model Edie Campbell does we’ll be delighted with life.

Here’s what Edie had to say about the campaign…

H&M Studio AW15 campaign_72dpi (6)

Q – What was it like opening the H&M Studio AW15 show at Grand Palais in Paris?

A – It was like going to the future! The H&M Studio show was held in the Grand Palais, one of the most traditional buildings in Paris, but as soon as you reached the set it was like your fantasy idea of space from when you’re a kid. It was fun, I loved the set.

Q – What did you think of the space-age set?

A – I loved it! And I loved how it was more than just a set – the spaceship in the middle was actually the DJ booth for Caroline de Maigret, and then after the show the space ships opened up and turned into a bar.

Q – What was it like shooting the campaign?

A – It was fun! We shot the campaign in New York, and I got to pretend I was in space all over again. There was a space ship set for me to moonwalk in, and the whole time we were playing a space-themed playlist.

Q – What do you think about the theme of collection?

A – I like the reinterpreted-70’s vibe, but for the space age! It’s fun to think about the future in a nostalgic way. The prints were great, and there were loads of cool fabrics – scuba, patent leather, and silks.

Q – Which are your favorite pieces? Why?

A – Oooh either the leather dungarees, or the scuba trousers, or all the sparkly lurex knits. I like the massive bags too, you could really hide a lot of secrets in them.

H&M Studio AW15 campaign_72dpi (2)

Q – How would you describe your own personal style?

A – Kind of boyish, quite simple. I like to be comfortable more than anything else, and I don’t like the idea that anything I’m wearing would prevent me from doing anything, like running from monsters/for the train.

Q – Favorite garment in general?

A – My leather jacket because it’s really heavy leather, and very well worn in.

Q – What’s it like to be a model, both on the catwalk and on shoots?

A – Erm, it’s a good gig. I mean, it takes a minute to get over the initial self-consciousness of being expected to perform, but it’s a great job. And you get to work with amazing people who are the best in the world at what they do, and you get to see the entire creative process of so many people, and you earn money, and you travel the world!

Q – Did you always knew you wanted to work as a model?

A – It never really entered my consciousness as a teenager, but then I started working a bit while I was at school, and I saw that it could be an amazing opportunity, and it had the potential to be really interesting.

H&M Studio AW15 campaign_72dpi (5)

Q – At the recent Paris shows, you both walked in them, and also reviewed them from the front row – which was more fun you think?

A – Oooh…well fashion shows can be really fun, like going to a ten minute rave, or really beautiful, or they can be quite boring. Writing reviews for Love magazine was fun because it allowed me to think about the shows in terms of their comic potential, which is good because fashion week usually takes itself very seriously 😉

Q – What are your interests outside fashion?

A – I have two horses in England that I compete in eventing, which is kind of my biggest passion in life. And then I love travelling when it’s not for work, particularly road tripping. And books, I love reading, and more and more I try to write a bit, when the inspiration hits!

Q – Which song do you absolutely have to dance to when you hear?

A – Bad girls by Donna Summer.

H&M Studio AW15 campaign_72dpi (3)

H&M Studio AW15 collection launches on Thursday 10th September. Exclusively available in H&M 23-27 College Green, Dublin 2 from 9.30am. Early arrival is recommended due to high-demand.

See for details.