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14th Aug 2020

The €9 buy fans swear is an EXACT dupe of Estée Launder’s popular Double Wear foundation

This is a game changer!

It’s so good that we have been willingly forking out the €40ish for it for years at this stage.

I am talking about Estée Lauder’s cult product, the Double Wear foundation.

Beauty lovers (and us regular folks too) cannot get enough, and I have to say, as far as foundations go, it’s a really hard one to beat for long-lasting coverage, shades (it comes in a whopping 61 different one to choose from) and just the overall feel of it on your skin.

Sounds good? It is. And it doesn’t even stop there. The Double Wear foundation is easy to build on for a heavier evening look, while also being waterproof, transfer-proof, oil-free and humidity-resistant. No wonder a bottle is sold every few minutes worldwide.

However, let’s all agree that €40 is rather steep.

Which is why we were all sorts of excited when we found out that a really good dupe apparently exists, and that fans are raving about it, saying they are not able to tell the difference between this one and Esteée Lauder’s Double Wear.


One eager fan excitedly posted her discovery of the ‘exact match’ on the UK-based Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, explaining she “can’t tell the difference” between the bargain make-up from W7 and the more expensive version.

Posting an image of the two foundations side-by-side, she wrote:

“I always stick to the same foundation but this time I thought I’d try something new. Estée Lauder is a whopping £30 [sic], the W7 is £2.99 in B&M! You can’t even tell the difference! I’m converted and saving myself £27. May not be as good for some people but I’m definitely swearing by it!”

Literally hundreds of other users on the site agreed, adding their own positive reviews of the bargain foundation:

“I LOVE this foundation – wear it every day and keep Estée Lauder Double Wear for best,’ one wrote, while a second agreed: ‘Love this foundation, I’ve swapped.”

Others branded it a ‘game-changer’ and swore that they use it every day. According to W7, their Legend Lasting Wear Foundation will result in ‘legendary skin’.

“For the days where you’ll be facing the stress of work and the weather or for evenings where you’ll be dancing until the sun comes up, this foundation is formulated to sit comfortably on the skin whilst lasting for hours through thick or thin”

Note: The Facebook users parising the budget foundation had purchased in a physical store, where it was priced £2.99, but online from the W7 website, the Legend Lasting Wear Foundation retails for £7.95 (approximately €9), which is still a pretty decent saving from €40 for the Estée Lauder version.