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06th Oct 2017

The €26 Zara boots that you’ll wear with literally everything all winter

A cut above your standard boots.

Ah, the dreaded annual search for a fabulous winter wardrobe.

We’re at that tricky time of year where it’s not quite chilly enough to dig out the heavy duty winter gear but we’re very much moving away from the lighter stuff.

At this confusing time – it’s like the puberty of the seasons, if you will – planning is key, which is why we’re firmly on the hunt for some solid basics that’ll see us through to spring.

When it comes to footwear, we’re pretty sure we’ve hit gold with these babies from Zara.

They’ve got a different feel to your standard ankle boots but that’s why we love them.

The teeny heel gives them a sort of preppy, riding boots vibe but the reptile-skin finish is pure rock and roll.

They’ll be the most hard-working things in your wardrobe this winter and to prove it, we’ve made a list of all the bits you’ll pair them with (you’re welcome).

  • With a tea dress for date night
  • With a smart pair of pants for work
  • With a fabulous fur coat to bring the drama when you’re out and about
  • With a skirt and top for going out (who can actually be bothered with heels?)
  • With your black skinny jeans for literally any occasion ever

The best part? They’re just €25.99, which will leave you with a cost-per-wear of about 30c with the amount of use you’ll get out of them.

Happy days!