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19th Jul 2012

Do You Know About the Tricks of the Fashion Trade?

We are used to seeing stars and models looking perfect on the red carpet and in magazines but not everything is as it seems in the world of fashion. Find out why...

Rebecca McKnight

We see it all the time; film stars wearing daring dresses but never flashing a thing, models in perfectly-fitted clothes and singers walking about in heels all day.

But how do they do it? We’ll tell you how. All it takes is a little imagination, lots of determination and a few interesting products.

1. Make like the royals and add weights to your skirts and dresses to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment. All you have to do is let your hem loose, insert a weight and sew the hem back up again. You can get weights specifically for this purpose or if you prefer you can use washers.

2. Don’t be fooled by models and celebrities posing in magazine photo shoots. Yes every piece of clothing does look like it fits like a glove but you’re only seeing one angle. More often than not, safety pins are used to make the garment sit and look better. Those cheaters!

3. We’ve all been there. You’re heading out for the evening. You have your dress picked out. You open the wardrobe to find that said dress is creased and crumpled. Take a leaf out of the celebrity style book and steam the garment. It’s quicker than and as effective as ironing.

4. One of the most common and useful tricks of the fashion trade is double-sided sticky tape. It’s perfect for fallen hems as well as dresses that are lose around the boob area to make sure they stay in place. We reckon it’s the best creation since sliced bread.

5. Have you ever seen a runway model having to pull at her dress to stop it from clinging to her legs or tights? Us neither. That is because stylists use hairspray to take the static out of dresses. Just spray it along the hem and let it dry. So simple!

6. The last thing you want when you’ve picked out a gorgeous dress is your bra poking out. Fear not as there is a wide range of bra clips for all sorts of patterns and cuts. You can buy them in lingerie shops or major high street clothing chains.

7. So they’re a little weird but totally necessary when you’re not wearing a bra and it’s freezing outside. Yes we’re talking about nipple covers. Perfect for keeping your nips warm and your dignity intact. How did we ever cope before?

8. The classical spanx are a must for every wardrobe. We don’t know about you but it makes us  feel much better knowing that the A-list also rely on them for thin thighs, flat tummies and tiny waists.

9. Believe it or not but celebrities also find it difficult to wear high heels on an evening out. Apparently shoes are filled with everything from gel cushions to panty liners to ease pressure and provide padding. Two birds, one stone, we like it.

10. Last but not least, the most important item to have on the red carpet or on a night out is a killer pose. Whether it’s turning to a certain side or simply flashing a smile, find a signature pose and flaunt it in front of the camera. Angelina Jolie ain’t got nothing on you!

So the next time you are getting ready for a night out or a special occasion, try out these tricks of the trade and look like a true red carpet star.