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19th Oct 2013

BYOB, has a new meaning… Is This The Greatest Handbag Ever Designed? We Think It Could Be

Louis Vuitton, we’ll see your traditional vintage leather handbag, and raise you a Baggy Winecoat.

Wine anyone?

Ladies, keep calm and let us introduce you to the handbag every wine drinker needs (and deserves) in her life.

Created by Scandinavian man, Jakob Wagner, the design offers a handy and aesthetic solution for bag in box wines.

Bag and box wines are not so popular here, however will be all too familiar to anyone who has ever travelled around Australia, where backpackers usually survive on bagged wine nicknamed, ‘goon’.

The description reads: “A rubber bottom makes sure the Baggy Winecoat do not tip over; neither on the dinner table, nor on the picnic. If you want to carry your wine with you, just grab the handle and go!”


The bag is too precious to throw around and comes with its very own hanger.

A Baggy Winecoat will set you back €58, not quite as expensive as the Cynthia Rowley flask bangle that we’ve had on our Christmas wish list for some time now.


They even come in different colours. Red, violet and white.

We’re going to stick with the black, as it is much more discreet… No one will ever know.