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15th Jun 2019

Blonde hair? Three things you’ll want to keep in mind during summer

Trine Jensen-Burke

Summer is coming!

And I for one am propery excited for warm days, long, bright evenings and holiday days spent on sandy beaches and in salty waves.

However, I have blonde hair and, as we all know, maintaining blonde colour, especially in the summer, requires a bit of effort.

Why? Because all the elements of summer (you know, the ones we long for all winter) such as chlorine, salt water and heat from the sun (AKA UV rays) may feel all sorts of delicious, but they do indeed take a pretty big toll on our locks. Especially if your hair is blonde.

To find a solution, I have sought out the advice of hair experts, and here are three rules of thumb you really should try to adhere to this summer season, especially if you want to minimise fade of colour and your glossy mane turning into dried out, knotty strands:

1. Wear a hat

If out in the sun – for God’s sake, put a hat on your head. Just like you would put SPF on your face to protect it from the sun, wear a hat to preotect your hair, as UV rays are known to dry out hair and fade colour.

Faded blonde hair can turn brassy really quickly, and while you can always apply a spray or leave-in protecter in your hair, nothing will protect quite as well as a hat.

The good news? There are some seriously fab styles to choose from, like this fab one from H&M, which is a snip at just €12.99:

blonde hair

2. Use the right products

When it comes to caring for your blonde hair in summer, make sure you pick smart and hard-working products. I have prety much tested what is out there when it comes to suncare shampoos and conditioners, and am currently obsessed with Klorane’s Colour Enhancing shampoo and conditioner with pomegranate.

Not only do these smell SO good (seriously, I have had people sniff my hair on the Luas!), but they also leave my hair super soft and the colour more shiny than I have ever seen it. An absolute must in my holiday suitcase this year.

From €10, Roches Pharmacy

blonde hair

3. Be careful with chlorine

Look; I love swimming pools as much as the next girl, but chlorine and blonde hair is not a great combination. Chlorine can really take its toll on your hair, and leave it brassy, dry and even slightly green-ish looking, meaning it really is best avoided by tying your hair up on a bun, wearing a swim cap or, at least, making sure your hair is wet and saturated with clean, fresh water before jumping into the pool – because that way, less chlorine water will be allowed to penetrate your hair and wreak havoc on it.

blonde hair