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12th Sep 2017

These boots are getting ALL the Insta love and they’re now in stores

We loveee.

We love a good micro-trend.

Last year, over-the-knee boots took centre stage in the world of footwear, with everyone and their mother buying a pair.

However, now that we’re entering a new A/W season, while the over-the-knee trend is still on the scene, there’s a certain colour that everyone is adoring.

In Fendi’s latest campaign, the model sports some fab thigh high red boots, and now River Island is selling an identical pair.

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The footwear, which has just landed today, is getting major love on Insta – and we can see why.

As most people tend to steer away from bright, brash colours; these boots aren’t too in-your-face, and can be styled up as casual or as fancy as you like.

The River Island pair are €113, but considering that the Fendi boots are €1,190, it’s a good deal.

And if you’re still not sold, here’s a bit of Instagram inspiration for you:

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