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20th Feb 2021

Always and forever: Why I will NEVER give up on my skinny jeans

skinny jeans

Honestly, kids – find something else to pick on.

This past week, many column inches have been dedicated to the ‘feud’ between Generation Z and us millennials when it comes to two things – where hair is parted (apparently side partings are out, according to Gen Z) and skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans, the Z-ers argue, are ‘out’ and if you are caught wearing one, it is apparent a surefire sign you are well past your youth.

Well – kids – here is some news for you: We. Don’t. Care. And, I’d argue, your baggy, unfitted jeans will never EVER look as polished, cool or stylish as skinny jeans do. And *fingers-in-ears* nobody can tell me otherwise.

I mean; just look:

Oh, and how fab does skinny jeans look when paired with over-sized sweaters for a casual look:

They look good with sneakers or runner – and with heels:

They can be dressed up or down:

They are a genius wardrobe staple that can be worn a million different ways:

Cool girls like Olivia Palermo knows they are a winner:

Honestly, I don’t understand the hate.

Like most 30something (and still fashionable) ladies, my skinny jeans are my life-saver. They are the backbone my entire wardrobe is built around, and they are as easy to wear as they are stylish (enough) for my day-to-day life or work/mom-life/socialising (well, you know, when we are allowed to indulge in such things).

In fact, here are three reasons you will have to pry my skinny jeans out of my cold, dead hands to get me to give them up:

1. They are super versatile

A summer, flowy top? Pair with skinny jeans. An oversized sweater? Will look great with skinny jeans. A white shirt? Looks chic AF with skinnies.

They look great with heels, with Converse, with runners, with slip-ons. They look fab with a short biker jacket, and equally stylish under a sleek coat.

Honestly, skinny jeans really work with everything else in my wardrobe and I would be lost without them.

2. You don’t ruin them if it’s raining

Unlike those boot cuts that are dragging on the ground, skinny jeans will stay dry, even on a wet and miserable day. Tuck them inside some boots or pop on your favourite trainers, either way, your jeans will be safe.

3. They hold everything in

This might not mean that much to you unless you have been pregnant a couple of times and realised crop tops will never again be a thing you reach for. But for us mums, this is a wondrous thing.

High waisted skinny jeans are the best. These miracle jeans give you the perfect silhouette, give your bum a lift and make your legs look longer. Guys – it’s a no brainer!

Let us know in the comments – how do YOU feel about skinny jeans?

(All images via Pinterest)