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27th Nov 2016

Alicia Silverstone shares the one thing she didn’t like about Cher’s outfits on Clueless

”As If!”

Clueless is one of those films you can watch over and over without getting bored. From the brilliant one-liners to the excellent actors, and probably our favourite part: the outfits.

The iconic scene in which Cher digitally goes through her wardrobe to find out outfit was the envy of every girl watching.

The clothes were a huge part of the film but Alicia Silverstone who played Cher, says she really wasn’t bothered about them and didn’t get all the fuss.

“I remember I was really annoyed by it all,” She said, according to InStyle.

“I was so young, I had only been working as an actress for two or three years at that point, and I didn’t understand why there were so many fittings. I was like, ‘Why are these clothes so important?!’ I was annoyed by [costume designer] Mona May, who I thought was mean because she was always yelling at me about the clothes.”

It’s hard believe considering how important the costumes really were.

clueless cover

Thankfully, she’s since learned to appreciate the outfits and the costume designer who put her though it all.

“I can say all of that [about the costume designer] now because we’re very good friends and I think she’s brilliant and I love her,”

“The clothes played such a major role, and I was so impressed and I said to her, ‘You’re so good; sorry I secretly hated you the entire time.”

“Not really, but you know, I resented all the attention on clothes, because it was exhausting having to go to all those stupid fittings!”

We’re glad she stuck them all out, because they have become famous and even now poeple are still trying to pull of Cher’s iconic style.