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21st Aug 2012

5 Reasons We Love Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is not just fashionable but it is also practical. If you aren't already, here's why you really ought to check it out.

Vintage clothing has always had a huge presence in the world of style, especially among celebrities, but that’s not the only reason we love it.

We love vintage clothing because…

It’s ageless – While vintage garments are literally old, they never age in terms of fashion. It’s like wine in that you can use it today or save it for the future without worrying about whether it will still be on trend. Vintage buys always last the style distance.

It’s economical – Due to the fact that vintage clothing is ageless, you can use it over and over again which saves you money in the long run. Obviously some vintage pieces will cost more because they are vintage but you will also find that buying vintage can be cheaper than buying new.

It’s individual – You’re bound to have bought something on the high street for a night out to find one of your friends is wearing the same thing. It happens all the time with mainstream fashion but not with vintage. Often you will get a handmade or unique item that nobody else will have.

It’s eye-catching – People often comment on something that looks different and depending on what you buy, vintage is usually distinguished and thus attention-grabbing. And let’s face it, what woman doesn’t like getting comments about what she’s wearing?

It’s versatile– Buying vintage doesn’t mean buying a formal vintage dress, it can be casual as well. You could pick up an ornate pair of earrings or an everyday handbag. Both of these items are perfect for injecting your current style with a vintage twist.

So the next time you are looking for a new outfit or are in the town shopping, don’t forget to check out a few vintage boutiques. You won’t regret it!