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07th Nov 2013

12 Lies You Tell Yourself When Shopping

We’ve all done it.

Ever look through your wardrobe and find clothes that haven’t seen the light of day since you carried them home from the shop? Or perhaps you’re finding it hard to believe how much you spent in town during your last outing?

Even if you haven’t found yourself in these positions, we’re sure you have told yourself a few white lies when splashing your cash in the shops. Here are a few of our personal favourites…

1. I can always return it

You can but it’s much easier to just throw it into your wardrobe. Besides you might wear it when you’re just lazing about the house (why have one lie when you can tell yourself two?).

2. It’s a wardrobe essential

When you think about it, only underwear is a wardrobe essential.

3. It’ll never go out of fashion

Give it six months.


4. It goes with everything

It goes with nothing. Quick, back to the shops, we need an entirely new wardrobe to go with our new purchase!

5. I don’t have anything like it

Sure we have a black blouse with studs on the neck but we don’t have a black blouse with studs on the neck and that cute zip.

6. I have to get it now, it’ll be gone by next week

There’s this process called restocking.

7. I deserve it

Usually preceded by “sure I didn’t go out this weekend” or “it’s payday.” You might deserve it but every weekend/payday?

shopping lies 1

8. I’ll get it altered

Be it taking it in or taking it up, we always have great intentions when it comes to a piece we don’t want to go home without it. But sadly those are usually all they are, great intentions.

9. It’ll fit in two months

Worst. Idea. Ever.

10. I’ll wear it all the time

Another one of the great shopping lies of all time. Also, no you won’t.

11. It was a bargain

That might be true but would you have bought it at full price? We didn’t think so.

12. It’ll do me for life

Has any piece of clothing ever done you for life?