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31st Aug 2012

You’re Kidding? Goats Gate-Crash a Curves Exercise Class…

A pair of exercise-mad goats shocked gym staff when they randomly showed up to take part in a Curves circuit...

Ah the gym, it’s the place to go if you want to tone up, get healthy or in this case, just kid (hah!) around. What are we on about? Well staff at a gym in county Clare were left stunned when two goats randomly arrived in for a workout. Yes, really.

The Irish Daily Star reports that the two goats somehow managed to climb a 20-step staircase in order to gain access to the Curves gym at the West Gate Business Park in Ennis.

“It was a heart-warming experience and it made all our days,” said Claudia Nicholson, who was working when the two visitors arrived.

“It was a nice situation even though the exercise extended to a bit of a clean-up afterwards,” she added.

You want to know what’s even funnier? The goats had been snooping around a nearby golf shop shortly before they decided to drop in and work on their abs.

“They went in to the golf shop and people thought they were seeing things. When I arrived at work the two goats were eating plants and roaming around,” said Claudia.

“They walked in on seven or eight ladies who were using the gym. They let loose. One of them was fond of an exercise mat and had a pee. It was a bit of fun,” she added.

Claudia said that the goats were “very friendly” and enjoyed being petted and getting a bit of attention. Unfortunately no one stepped forward to claim the exercise-mad kids, but they have since been re-homed. 

We’re not sure why, but this story immediately reminded us of Buttermilk, the super-active baby goat who loves to play (and has no consideration for the safety of her brothers and sisters…)