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11th Jul 2012

Young Busker Raises over €6,000 For Sick Little Girl

A young busker has raised over €6,000 for a little girl who is suffering from a rare form of cancer.

We love stories that remind us that yes, despite all the badness out there, there are some genuinely great people out there as well. Case in point? Let’s tell you about an amazing busker who raised over €6,000 for a sick little girl.

The Irish Independent reports that Lily-Mae Morrison, a four year old from Galway, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer six weeks ago.

The disease, which is known as neuroblastoma, affects 1 in 100,000 Irish children and, unfortunately, it has spread rapidly and Lily-Mae is now at stage four.

“Doctors think she probably only had it for about three months when it was caught, but in that time it’s gone through her entire body. We were told if we hadn’t caught it it would have killed her in another six weeks,” said Mr Morrison, Lily-Mae’s dad.

After Lily-Mae’s diagnosis, a fund was set up in order to help her pay for any treatment she needed to receive. Mr Morrison said that he has been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the public, who are all eager to help Lily-Mae with her treatment.

However, Mr Morrison was completely unaware that a young busker, Jamie Harrison (aged 21), was helping their appeal by busking with a sign for Lily-Mae in Galway.

“I was walking down Shop Street and saw Jamie busking with a sign for Lily-Mae. The response from the public, I’ve never seen anything like it. They were throwing money at him. I just stood there in tears,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Harrison heard about Lily-Mae through his sister and decided that he would do anything to help the brave little girl.

“I spent four days busking during the Volvo (Ocean Race) and the support was amazing,” he said.

Lily-Mae is currently receiving chemotherapy in Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Dublin and she is facing into an operation.

“We’re trying to be as honest as possible with her. We don’t want her to be afraid. She knows she’s sick but she’s just been brilliant,” said Mr Morrison.

If you want to help Lily-Mae, donations can be made here.