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17th Jul 2012

You Might Want to Re-Think Your Sunday Morning Lie-In. Here’s Why…

There's nothing like a lazy lie-in on a weekend, but did you know all that extra sleep could be damaging your health?


If you’re anything like us, chances are you enjoy having a few lazy lie-ins during the weekend. But did you know that sleeping on in the mornings could actually damage your health?

The Irish Sun reports that new research has revealed that regular lie-ins as we get older could actually bring on dementia. Shocking, right?  Oh and to make matters worse, getting too much or not enough sleep could increase your mental age by two whole years.

Studies which were presented at a conference in Canada that focussed on Alzheimer’s disease clearly showed that sleep plays a massive role when it comes to a decline in our mental facilities.

“We know sleep patterns change as people age and that poor sleep affects overall health,” said Dr William Thies of the US Alzheimer’s Association.

Right, so basically we can damage our health if we get too much sleep and, likewise, we can damage it if we get too little. Eh…how much are we supposed to be getting then?

According to the boffins in Canada, seven hours sleep a night is the optimum amount. Apparently if we manage to stick to seven hours a night, no more and no less, we can actually prevent our brain from aging by an extra two years.

All that being said though, sometimes you just need a morning under the duvet.

What do you think? Could you cope on seven hours sleep per night?