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05th Jul 2012

Will Katie Taylor Carry the Flag for Us at the London Olympics?

There has been lots of speculation over who will carry the Irish flag during the opening ceremony of this year's Olympic Games - will it be Katie Taylor?

Okay, so here at Headquarters we’re all getting just a tad bit excited about the upcoming Olympic Games. Why? Well to be honest we can’t wait to cheer on all the girls (and boys!) in green.

The Irish Independent reports today that Katie Taylor, the girl with the golden gloves, is one of the favourites when it comes to guessing who will be our flag bearer at the Olympics opening ceremony, which is taking place on July 27 in London.

A female athlete has carried the flag for Ireland in two of the past three Olympic Games, and while some feel that this is unfair, Sonia O’Sullivan (the woman who will decide who gets to carry the tricolour) has said that past history and gender will not impact on her decision.

“That really shouldn’t make a difference. If a girl deserves to do it, she should get to do it,” said Ms O’Sullivan.

She also added that she has yet to even discuss the matter.

Rumours are abound that Katie Taylor will be given the honour at this year’s ceremony because not only is she a world champion, but this will be the first time that women’s boxing appears as a sport in the Olympics.

However, speaking yesterday, Ireland’s team manager said that she has not had any discussions on the matter.

“Obviously it will be dictated by when people are competing and also who would be willing to accept it,” said the manager.

Who would you like to see carry the flag for Ireland? Would Katie Taylor be your first choice?