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08th Sep 2014

WATCH! German Man Sets New World Record by Carrying How Many Pints?!


 A German waiter has smashed the World Record this week, by carrying 27 full one-litre beer glasses.

Oliver Struempfl carried the heavy load 40 metres to set the new record.

He went on to admit that he trained hard at the gym prior to the attempt in order to buld up his core and muscles.

“It is no longer enough to just carry the mugs, but you have to support the training by going to the gym, especially in winter when you don’t get much time carrying the beer mugs,” he said.


The waiter carried the 62 kilograms unaided and with relative ease at the Gillemoos beer festival held in the Bavarian region of Abensberg.

Struempfl was in competition with one other challenger for the record. He earned the record when the other competitor carried one less beer mug.

It has not been an easy road for the waiter though, who revealed that in trrainig for the record he has soaked himself a few times, with anything up to 23 glasses hitting the deck.

The waiter has worked at the traditional German festival for the last 17 years.