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10th Jun 2016

VIDEO: Disturbing footage of Dublin security staff beating up a man

WARNING: contains graphic content.

WARNING: contains distressing content 

Spotted on, footage of security staff beating up a man outside Dicey’s on Dublin’s Harcourt Street has been shared on social media this evening.

The disturbing footage, which was shared by RTÉ journalist Philp Boucher Hayes and Liveline, shows a man kicked to the ground and punched by said security staff.

Speaking on Liveline this evening, the manager of the security firm who work with Dicey’s said:

“The man was brought out of the location because there was an incident inside the venue. He was quite inebriated and he was quite aggressive”.

“He wanted to get back in to get his jacket from the cloakroom but he had lost his ticket, so he was told to come back at 4pm the next day, but he refused to listen to the security staff”.

The manager of BC Security then said he had only watched part of the footage but that “guidelines” would allow bouncers to use “reasonable force”.

“The guidelines set out by the private security authority state that security staff would use reasonable force insofar as dealing with a violent situation like that”.

Image and video via Philip Boucher Hayes