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04th Jul 2012

Updated! Do You Know This Pooch? Dog Found on Train

Does this sad little face look familiar? If so, you might want to contact Irish Rail because this little guy is lost and looking for his owner...


Here at the offices, we’re suckers for big brown eyes and we have to say that the sad gaze of this little guy has been tugging on our heart strings something awful.

This gorgeous little pooch accidentally (or on purpose, we’re not sure of his motives) boarded the 6.49 train at Kilcock this morning. The train was heading towards Dublin, and at present he is being looked after by the lovely people at Pearse Street station.

“A customer on board the train found the dog, that’s why we have such a precise time about when he was found. The dog boarded at Kilcock on the Longford train and took the dog off at Pearse Street station,” said a spokesman from Irish Rail.

Earlier, Irish Rail issued an appeal on Twitter to help reunite this little doggy with his owner and the good news is, the owner has been found.

 “It looks like we’re pretty sure we found the owner! She’s on her way into us at the moment. Thanks to Twitter it took 32 minutes to find her. We used Twitter because we had a similar incident 3 years ago – a cat travelled in from Malahide, although it took 3 hours for us to find its owner,” said the spokesman.

 “He’s a very friendly dog. It’s actually a good job the owner was declared early enough because we could see ourselves getting very attached to him – we’ve nicknamed him Checkers,” the spokesman added.

We love a happy ending to a story! We’ll keep you updated on Checkers and his travels as we get more.