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02nd Jul 2012

Umbrellas at the Ready: More Rain on the Way, but Summer will Arrive Soon!

According to weather forecasters, our summer is on the way.'ll just take it another few weeks to get here...

Believe it or not, it’s summer outside. Yes, we know it’s been hard to tell with all the rain and everything, but according to weather forecasters, we could finally get that summer we’ve all been waiting for (at last!).

The Irish Daily Star reports that while last month was the wettest June we’ve ever had, July is set to be a fair bit better. Okay, okay. So you’re probably wondering what on earth we’re talking about given the fact that it’s the second of the month and we’re all still walking around in our wellies, but allow us to explain.

According to weather forecasters the best of the July weather is expected at the end of the month.

“July’s likely to start out about the same as this past month [June], perhaps not quite that wet, but frequently showery,” said Peter O’Donnell from Irish Weather Online.

“However, we do see some signs of improvement with more frequent sunny days and perhaps a few warmer than average later in the month,” he added.

Brilliant news for those of us who are fed up with carting an umbrella and a raincoat with us every time we leave the house. It’s also some good news for all the school children out there who will be embarking on their summer holidays.

As for the coming days, Met Eireann has said that there will be outbreaks of heavy rain and that temperatures will drop slightly.

“Rain will come in from the south-west and spread nationwide over the week,” said a forecaster.

“Thursday has been the wettest day of the week for about five weeks – so expect more dry sunny spells this Thursday…which will be the best day of the week overall,” the forecaster added.

So our good weather may take another while to get here, but at least it will be a bit drier on Thursday. Hey, this is Ireland in summer after all, so we’ll happily take what we can get!