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17th Jul 2012

TV Wars: Does Your Man Hog the Remote?

Men, do not change the channel when Gossip Girl is on unless you have a death wish.

How many times has your man wandered in and changed the television channel when you’re trying to watch your favourite shows?

We know we’re supposed to love him and, in fairness, he is great and everything but you have to admit – it is bloody annoying. The worst thing? If your man is a television hog, he isn’t likely to change his ways any time soon.

The Irish Sun reports that a new survey conducted by Sky has revealed that men believe that the remote control is their responsibility. (We love the use of the word ‘responsibility’ here. It’s convenient, isn’t it?).

The poll found that 1 in 4 men say that they always get to choose the channel when it comes to picking something to watch. 22 per cent of men claim that it is their responsibility to look after the house gadgets and that the remote control just ‘happens’ to fall under that category. Meanwhile only 12 per cent of women get to choose their channel of choice.

The survey also asked participants about the things that annoy them the most when it comes to watching television.

56 per cent of people said that other people chatting while a TV show is on drives them up the walls, while 43 per cent said channel surfing bugs them.

Ironically enough, 41 per cent of women said that they can’t stand it when their man robs the remote on them and 41 per cent of men said that the most annoying thing someone can do is chat on the phone while they’re trying to watch television.

Ladies, our advice to you is simple: harness the power of digital television and record all your favourite shows. Then you can watch them all when he’s out with the boys. Sorted.

Failing that you can fight him to the death for the remote, although we’d much prefer the non-violent option.