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13th Aug 2013

Trapped Churchgoer Tweets Her Way Out of Locked Church

She started tweeting for help when she discovered she was stuck.

One woman found herself in a tricky situation when she discovered that she was locked inside her local church.

So what did she do? Well she headed to Twitter!

The trapped churchgoer, Sarah Greep, was advised by fellow Tweeters to use the phone to contact someone from the church to let her out instead of tweeting.

“I realised I was locked in so I started going through my phone book, thinking of all the people I could contact” said Greep speaking to the Daily Telegraph.

“But it was a lovely day outside, I thought most people would be out enjoying the weather. I didn’t want to bother anyone so I just started tweeting.”

She said that she tried to phone a few numbers for church volunteers that she spotted on the back of a leaflet but couldn’t get through. She continued to tweet and even managed to record a video of the event.

“I tried the doors but they were locked. I spotted some wine, too – I thought God probably wouldn’t mind if I had some, if it really came to it, but in the end someone came and rescued me.”

Greep’s tweets were soon spotted by local police, who managed to track down a Church warden with a spare key.

“I can’t think of many better places to be stuck. It was so peaceful, I was all by myself, the sun was shining through the window – though I wouldn’t have been quite so calm at night.”