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07th Oct 2015

There Are A Number Of Changes In Store For Dublin’s O’Connell Street

This should be interesting.


This should be interesting. 

The future of Dublin’s O’Connell Street is looking drastically different if a new report from Dublin City Council is anything to go by.

According to The Irish Timesmany changes are in store for city centre streets and particularly, Dublin’s iconic O’Connell Street.

It has been reported that a number of different outlets will not be allowed on the street in future, including establishments such as chippers, adult entertainment shops and mobile phone shops.


It has also been reported that existing outlets of this kind will not be affected, however, new ones will not be given permission to open.

The plan sees the area being revamped in years to come, with hopes to include the redevelopment of a number of buildings such as the former Clerys store.

It is hoped that the new project will help to retain the historical and cultural feel of the street.

(GERMANY OUT) Ireland Dublin Dublin - 'O'Connell Street' (Photo by Unkel/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

“Businesses such as Clerys department store, the Gresham Hotel and Eason & Son Ltd. Have helped shape the social, cultural economic and architectural character of O’Connell Street and the area over generations,” the report states.

“It is an objective of the scheme of special planning control to protect such uses that contribute significantly to the special character of the area.”

H/T: The Irish Times