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02nd Jul 2012

The Princess in Paris – Charlene is Front Row for Dior

It's another impressive front row at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with genuine royalty, Princess Charlene of Monaco, watching the Dior show. 

Confession time. While we’re glued to the coverage of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, the runways are only getting half of our attention. The rest of the time we’re busy spotting which celebs have made it to the front row. Dior has done very well, with genuine royalty settling in for the show. 

No, not Kate. Sorry. But they do have Charlene. Princess Charlene of Monaco that is, the former Olympian who married Prince Albert of Monaco in July of last year. She’s been snapped looking pretty in pink at the show, and if we were royalty we’d be doing a mental shopping list from the front row, so we’re going to go ahead and assume that’s what she’s doing too. Happy shopping Charlene!