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12th Aug 2012

The Latest Blog Mania Is All About The Canines

This is more than just pampered pets, this is an extension of the owner's style...

Their relationship with the family core has evolved significantly in the last few generations.They are now truly part of the family.

Sometimes they can be quite snappy and they may have short attention spans, but they are always happy to see you. Nobody else wags their tail and jumps up on you when you come home from work.

It must be canine love…

Dog outfits, specialised bags and kennels have all become the norm to buy on the mainstream pet supply market, but now dogs are entering the 21st century with their very own style blog.

Sara White is in many ways a fashion blogger, but there is one key difference. Sara blogs for dogs; the latest fashions, places to go, accessories, lifestyle tips…she has it all. was just launched over 3 months ago but already has a pack of dog and fashion-loving fans.

The site has everything, from candid photos of owners out walking their groomed pets to features on the best dog-friendly places to stay in London, from Mulberry’s 2012 Autumn/Winter collection for dogs to the latest modern pet-beds.

And it’s not just for dogs, White makes sure felines and others feel included too. She has a feature on the latest collection of Cat Scratching DJ Decks (every semi-detached should have one) and also on Welsh designer’s Green&Blue’s new ceramic bird feeders.

“StyleTails aims to target dog owners who see their dogs as an extension of their own style,” White told the Sunday Times Style Magazine.

“If you love Mulberry then you can dress your dog in a matching coat. Or if your style is more classic, you could go for a Barbour.”

White isn’t for dressing dogs up ridiculously or dog-ssessories, she is a straight-forward girl who thinks pets should enjoy a small lap of luxury every now and then too.

The fashion blogger sees the streets of London as the blank canvas for her ideas and she loves to photograph passing dogs and their owners.

“Trying to get dogs to stand still is a big challenge. I carry a little toy in my handbag that I squeak to get their attention.”

White is working with some dog celebrities, including Marc Jacob’s bull terriers.

“Celebrities and fashion types don’t want to talk about their personal lives, but they’ll happily talk about their dogs,” White says, “They’re obsessed and they spoil them rotten.”

Sure, haven’t we heard about Karl and his cat’s iPad