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25th Nov 2012

Step Away From The Smart Phone – Rihanna And Chris Let Loose On Twitter

We hardly needed any more proof but as these photos show, Rihanna really doesn’t care what the world thinks

We’ve all been there… you’ve had a few drinks, decide to start snapping less than flattering pics of you and your friends on your smart phone and think it’ll be gas to post them on Twitter. Before you know it, everyone who follows you gets an eyeful and an access all areas peek into your private life.

Although embarrassing the next morning, a few drunken snaps aren’t really going to do your reputation any harm in the long run unless of course you’re one of the biggest selling female artists in the world and the friend in question is the ex-boyfriend who beat you to a pulp three years earlier.

Chris shows off his sophisticated style choice on Twitter

Rihanna isn’t shy about posting intimate snaps of her private life on the micro-blogging site and although the star claims to be unapologetic about her antics, her latest tweets of a topless Chris Brown are sure to alienate some of her most loyal fans and followers once and for all.

Lying sprawled out and face down on a Bart Simpson print duvet cover, the 24-year-olds distinctive tattoos reveal his true identity and it is thought that the snaps were taken on board Chris’ tour bus.

Isn’t The Simpson’s a little bit juvenile for a 24-year-old?

The on-again, off-again couple have yet to confirm or deny whether or not they are officially a couple but the pair reportedly spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin after Rihanna was spotted at her former lover’s concert that night in the German capital and also attended the after-show party.

The party-loving pair insists that they are just friends but if Rihanna and Chris really want us to believe that their relationship is purely platonic then maybe they should put down their smart phones and stop drunk tweeting once and for all.