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03rd Jul 2012

State Assumes Responsibility for the Removal of Controversial PIP Implants

The Government will financially support the removal of PIP implants from over one thousand Irish Women.

The Government today announced that The State will financially assume responsibility for the removal of PIP breast implants from over a thousand Irish women.

The Harley Medical Group has not provided a care package to the 1,100 Irish women who underwent breast augmentation in their clinics from 2001 to 2010.

According to RTÉ The Department of Health said that The Harley Medical Group has not fulfilled their obligations in an acceptable manner.

Two other providers of the implants have compensated patients who underwent the procedure but Harley Medical Group with clinics in Kildare and Cork have not.

The controversial French-made PIP impants, which are made with industrial grade silicone, were inserted into over 1,500 women across the country.

PIP implants are up to thirty per cent more likely to rupture than other implants on the market.