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03rd Jul 2012

Sorry, This Toilet is Engaged: Diamond Ring Flushed Down Loo

How far would you go to retrieve a lost engagement ring? Let's just say the friend of a bride-to-be is up a certain creek without a paddle...

How far would you go to retrieve a lost engagement ring? Let’s just say that one wedding singer is up a certain creek without a paddle after she accidentally flushed her friend’s €8,000 sparkler and a pre-engagement ring down the toilet.

We should also mention that the poor wedding singer has now been charged with the task of fishing the ring out of a septic tank. Lovely.

The Irish Daily Star reports that Ashleen Cahill and her fiancé Shane Finnegan are appealing to the public for someone with a knowledge of septic tanks to come forward and help them, after their friend, Imogen Gunner, accidentally let Ashleen’s engagement ring fall down the toilet.

Imogen, who is a wedding singer, is set to perform at the couple’s wedding in November is friends with Ashleen and despite the incident, Ashleen is still talking to her.

“She’s being very nice. She is a lovely person and does not want me to feel bad,” said Ashleen.

“We are appealing for someone who knows septic tanks to come forward so that we can retrieve the rings. Someone must know how to get metal and diamonds from sewage,” she added.

The incident occurred when the two friends were spending the night at the Bellinter House Hotel in Navan. Ashleen’s wash bag fell into the bathroom sink and later on, when she was cleaning the bathroom, Imogen found a ball of tissue and flushed it down the toilet.

Unfortunately for Imogen, she didn’t realise that the ball of tissue contained the rings. Uh-oh…

“I threw the tissue ball in the loo and flushed it. I was completely horrified when Ashleen said her rings were in the tissue. It was a horrible moment,” said Imogen.

“Ashleen said: ‘Oh my God, you are joking?’ The rings are a love token from her future husband and I can’t afford to replace them,” she added.

We think there’s a lesson to be learned from this story: never mess with your friend’s engagement ring, unless you’re completely fine with spending an hour of your life digging around in a sewage tank.