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03rd Aug 2018

Seven puppies were found on an island in Manitoba and we are IN LOVE


We’re heading to Manitoba.

Seven puppies were found on an uninhabited island near Cross Lake in Manitoba the other day. The puppies were hungry and malnourished but otherwise in good condition.

No one knows how they got there but we know we’d like to get our hands on whoever abandoned these seven adorable sweethearts.

The pups are estimated to be about three or four months old and have been dubbed the “Gilligan’s Island Crew”. Each puppy is/will be named after a character from the TV Show Gilligan’s Island.

So far there’s Skipper and Gilligan, who are apparently best friends.

 And there’s Ginger and Mary-Ann. Then we have The Professor, who’s the shy one of the bunch.

So cute. So. Cute.

The puppies were found by a passing boater, Junior Cook, who heard their crying and and went to investigate.

After finding the dogs, Junior contacted Norway House Animal Rescue, who are conducting the rescue operation, and kept them updated on how the pups were doing.

He brought the puppies food and water and returned three times a day with his friends to check on them. He also brought them his own dog’s doggy-house for shelter.

You go, Junior.

7 abandoned puppies on an island

Who looks happy to see their rescuers?The 'Gilligan's Island crew is!Operation 'Gilligans Island' is underway.Another visit with feeding late this afternoon.Donations for this combined effort with on site advocates and volunteers to norwayhouseanimalrescue@gmail.comor PayPal link on our page.**This Is How We Do It folks.**Focus on stabilizing the dogs by ensuring they have food water shelter and then focus on removal**

Posted by Norway House Animal Rescue on Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The puppies were taken off the island last night and are being kept at a house in Cross Lake until the rescue team can get there.

They will then take the pups to Winnipeg where they will be checked over by a vet and given a chance to recoup. After that, they will be put up for adoption.

So some lucky people are going to own these angels.

Why do you have to be so far away, Canada?

Feature image via Norway Animal House Rescue Facebook.