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17th Jul 2012

Russell Brand Refers to Katy Perry as an “Arse-Ache.” Nice.

Russell Brand keeps it classy as he films his new television show...

Russell Brand, what are we going to do with you? The usually outspoken comedian managed to resist speaking about (and slagging off) ex-wife Katy Perry since their split, but mere hours after their divorce was finalized, Russ has already started mouthing off.

The Irish Sun reports that Russell kindly described his relationship with Katy as an “arse-ache” a few hours after getting the news that their marriage was officially terminated. Isn’t he charming?

While Russell was filming footage for his new television show, Brand X, the comedian had an exchange of words with an audience member that was also called Katy.

Addressing the girl, Russell said: “Anyway, enough of you, I’ve had enough arse-ache from people called Katy in the last year.”


While audience members gasped at the comment, Russell just grinned and continued on with his show.

“Russell was in great form, having some banter with the audience. Then he came across this audience member who was named Katy,” said a source who attended the recording.

“They were having some chat about whether Katy could satisfy her boyfriend in bed when, all of a sudden, Russell shouted comment about arse-ache. It was a blatant reference to Katy Perry. The look on his face as he laughed after saying the comment said it all,” the source added.

These comments from Russell are the harshest words about the failed marriage since the couple split up last December.

Well Katy, the ball is in your court now – do you think she’ll hit back?