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14th Apr 2014

Rottweiler Zeus Receives Polling Card To Vote In European Elections

It's barking mad!

An English dog has received a polling card to vote in the European Parliament elections.

Owner Russell Hoyle told The Mirror that he was shocked to receive the card in the post with Rottweiler Zeus’ name on it and vowed to bring the eight-year-old dog to the polling station to carry out its civic duty.

“I can remember when the people came round to do the census and I told them: ‘There is myself and my wife and we have got Zeus living here as well and he is 63 in dog years’,” he said.

“I did a double take when the polling card came through with three names on it because my son is only 17 and I knew it could not be him. I just think it is totally hilarious. I know obviously it is a cock-up but me and my wife are going to vote and Zeus is coming with us.”

And while he may raise a few eyebrows when the election comes round in May, Russell is adamant that Zeus is just as much a part of the family as the rest of them.

“He is the most loveable, loyal big fella,” he said.

“He is a very well-loved dog. If myself, my wife and Zeus were in the desert and we had only two pints of water, my wife would be going thirsty!”