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29th Dec 2016

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ actor Rory Cowan speaks about horrific trolling online

The actor is now taking legal action

Rebecca Keane

The actor has shared the terrible abuse he has suffered on Twitter.

We’ve seen many actors, musicians and politicians suffer abuse online this year and the disgusting act that is trolling only seems to be growing significantly.

According to The Irish Mirror, actor Rory Cowan, who plays the character of Rory in Mrs. Brown’s Boys has shared tweets he’s received from the public which have shocked and extremely upset him.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Radio One, Rory said he was accused of paedophilia and child abuse in tweets.

“One person said ‘I saw you at the hospital with the kids, shades of Jimmy Savile off you, if I had a child in hospital I would take them out if it they were going to be presented with people like you’.

“I was told everyone thinks I’m a paedophile, they were saying ‘Hey Rory leave the kids alone’.”

The actor said that while he understands people may not like his work, the tweets have disturbed him.

“There are people who don’t like Mrs Brown’s Boys but that’s water off a duck’s back, it doesn’t bother me.

“This was so vicious and so quick, it was like a kick in the stomach.

“There was a few of them, they were feeding each other so in the end I thought have to get my solicitor involved because this has taken on a life of it’s own.”

The 57-year-old actor said that he was an avid fan of Twitter before this incident.

As many of the trolls remain anonymous, Rory said he would be pursuing legal action before involving An Garda Síochána.