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14th Jul 2016

Poor Boris Johnson can’t find his car whilst being hounded by the press

"Dude! Where is one's car?"

Nooruddean Choudry

Let’s hope his world geography is better than this.

Boris Johnson has had quite a month. He has gone from overseeing a successful Brexit campaign, to withdrawing from the Conservative leadership race (partly due to Michael Gove knifing him in the back), to finding himself in the hugely influential role of Foreign Secretary in Theresa May’s new cabinet.

Of course his new position means he is once again the focus of intense media attention. The job in itself is a high-profile office and so demands coverage, but that allied with Johnson’s somewhat…colourful personality means that the news hacks are desperate to capture his next diplomatic gaff or clumsy mistake.

Unfortunately for poor Boris, his first day on the job saw him struggle to shake off the press pack. The incessant questioning he faced on the way to his car clearly left him discombobulated, as he was left walking round in circles trying to locate his vehicle. It certainly wasn’t the most dignified Borexit…