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05th Jul 2012

Planning on Heading Out This Weekend? Don’t Forget Your Brolly!

Bad news ladies, this weekend is going to be wet and miserable. Sigh. Umbrellas at the ready!

Ladies, you might want to bust out your umbrella-ella-ellas this weekend, because we have some bad news. Yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s gonna be a wet one (again).

The Irish Independent reports that our weekend is going to be more ‘soaking’ than ‘sunny’ as the bad weather is set to return. We know, we know – and today is so lovely and everything! Irish summers, eh? They’re about as much fun as being shoved into a freezing river.

Anyway, the outlook is pretty depressing. This weekend we can expect persistent and heavy rain, so if you’re planning on heading out and about, remember to have a rain coat handy.

However, if you’re desperate to catch a few rays over the next few days, then get yourself to the West of Ireland, where there might be a little bit of sunshine.

Everywhere else will see scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle. There will be a few dry periods during the day, but temperatures will remain low.

Sunday will be a cloudy one, but Monday will be a bit better with some sunny spells throughout the day. Enjoy Monday while it lasts because after that we’ll be back to unsettled conditions. Next week will be cold and wet.

Correct us if we’re wrong but it is July, isn’t it? We’re really hoping that we get a good stretch of summer-worthy weather soon!