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16th Apr 2015

PICS: A Clothing Company Just Started ‘No Cat-Calling’ Zones In These Two Major Cities

The signs are popping up in New York and Philadelphia.


A video went viral last year, after a woman filmed herself walking through the streets of New York being catcalled by strangers.

Despite the publicity of the video and the debate that raged following the exposure of how persistent the behaviour can be, one feminist company has decided to start designating no-catcalling zones across Philadelphia and New York.

So far more than 50 signs have been put up in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and NYC has also been plastered with stickers featuring the same design.

Paul Blart patrolling these streets for catcallers #nocatcallzone #endsh #catsagainstcatcalls

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Funded by t-shirt sales from clothing company, the Feminist Apparel partnered with feminist activist group Pussy Division based in Philadelphia.

Love how many of our signs are still up #catsagainstcatcalls #nocatcallzone #feministapparel #pussydivision #endsh A photo posted by Feminist Apparel (@feministapparel) on

The project was set to run alongside the fifth annual International Anti-Street Harassment Week, which will run from April 12- 18th.

Stickers, too. #NoCatcallZone #catsagainstcatcalls #feministapparel

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