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15th Jun 2020

‘Phishing scams are spiking,’ warn Revolut

Carl Kinsella

Keep an eye out for such scams.

Money managing app Revolut has warned that it has seen a spike in phishing scams since the onset of coronavirus earlier this year.

In an email issued to users today, the company warned to be on the lookout for such scams.

The statement read:

“The key thing to know is that Revolut never sends text messages asking for security information or to click on a link. If you get a text message like this, chances are it’s a scam, even if it looks like it’s from us.”

Revolut will also not claim that they have detected suspicious activity on an account, nor send a link to a website and ask users to provide sensitive information (like a password, phone number or PIN).

The statement also clarified that details such as your PIN, credit card details or log-in details are never requested outside of the app, either via phone-call or text message.

Two months ago, Revolut faced rumours that it was in financial difficulty and was forced to issue a statement confirming that it had not been unduly affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

CEO Nikolay Storonsky said: “Revolut is a digital, cloud-based company. So it’s fairly easy for us to arrange for our people to work from home. That means that our 2,000+ staff can and will continue to support you wherever they are and wherever you are.”