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19th May 2023

Phillip Schofield’s brother Timothy sentenced to 12 years in prison

“Numb to life”

Phillip Schofield’s brother, Timothy Schofield, was found guilty of eleven sexual offences involving a child and has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

A Bristol Crown Court sentenced him on Friday and Mrs Justice Cutts told him he had “exploited [the victim’s] innocence at this stage of his life for your own sexual gratification.

“It was wrong on every level for you to behave as you did.”

The judge continued and said Timothy forced the unnamed child to do what he wanted and trapped him.

She said Timothy took the boy’s teenage years away from him. They should have been carefree and happy.

Justice Cutts commended the victim for coming forward.

The victim, who was a teenager at the time of the abuse, said he was “numb to life” in his impact statement.

He said: “Before Tim was arrested, I had no freedom. I often felt panic, stress and fear. I felt like I was trapped in a loop of fear and anxiety of the abuse happening again.

“It was only after he was arrested that I felt safe. It was only after Tim was arrested that I felt free – free to be me, free to be happy, free to be relaxed.”

“The public must be able to trust police officers”

Timothy Schofield worked as an IT technician for the police force before he was convicted.

Detective Inspector Keith Smith stood outside court and said that the boy abused by Schofield showed “remarkable bravery”.

He said he understands that the publics concern surrounding Schofield’s employment but stressed that his crimes were “not connected” to his work.

Smith said: “We want to be absolutely clear, we’re on a mission to root out those who betray the values we’re committed to uphold.

“The public must be able to trust police officers and staff, and protecting this bond of trust is our priority.”

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield has shown no support for his brother and in a statement released in April, said he “no longer has a brother”.

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