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29th Jun 2023

‘Truly horrifying’ – Ohio mum faces murder charge after leaving 1-year-old alone for 10 days

The woman left her daughter home alone for 10 days in June.

An Ohio mum has been charged with the murder of her toddler after leaving her home alone for 10 days.

The mum has been charged with aggravated murder, two counts of murder, and one count of felonious assault.

She has also been charged with one count of endangering children.

Kristel Candelario reportedly left her daughter Jailyn home alone between June 6th and June 16th.

She allegedly abandoned her daughter so she could travel to Detroit and Puerto Rico.

When the mother returned home, her daughter was unresponsive in her playpen.

Candelario called emergency services and the police following her trip.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save her little girl.

Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley issued a statement after the jury’s decision to indict Candelario.

“It is unfathomable that a mother would leave her 16-month-old child alone without any supervision for 10 days to go on a vacation.

“As parents, we are supposed to protect and care for our children. Imagining this child’s suffering, during her last days of life alone, is truly horrifying.

He also promised to “do everything in our power to seek justice on her behalf”.

Candelario will appear in court at a later date.