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07th Aug 2012

NASA Employee Becomes Online Sensation Because He’s Just So Attractive…

The NASA Mars Curiosity Rover landed successfully yesterday, but rather than being interested in that little detail, the female population of Twitter was much more excited about a certain NASA employee...

History may have been made yesterday when the NASA Mars Curiosity rover successfully landed on the red planet and began its search for life, but all eyes were on a man named Bobak Ferdowsi.

Why was everyone watching him instead of the Mars Curiosity rover? Well, let’s just say that Twitter took a fancy to his attractive features and before you could say “Houston, we have a problem…” Bobak’s face was all over the internet and various women (and men!) were proclaiming their love for him online. Nice.

The Irish Independent reports that the mission controller, affectionately known as ‘Mohawk Guy’ by his online fans, went viral when images of him at the NASA Spaceflight Operations facility were published.

Described as “NASA’s sexiest nerd” the flight director managed to gain tens of thousands of fans on Twitter within minutes of his picture appearing online.

So why is Twitter going crazy for Mr Ferdowski? Well ladies, just look at him:

Sexy NASA Mohawk Guy caused a storm online yesterday.

The edgy Mohawk, the brown eyes, the chiselled jaw – yeah, we can see why this man has a following, and according to Twitter, the NASA employee is making astronautical engineering look sexy. Oh yeah.

Bobak graduated from the University of Washington with an undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering and then went on to get a Masters at MIT, so ladies, he isn’t just a pretty face.

Speaking about his newfound fame, Ferdowsi posted the following on his Twitter page:

He may not be ready for the attention, but already Ferdowsi has inspired an internet meme and has had a Tumblr page set up in his honour. 

Bobak’s internet meme.

So what do you think ladies? Is Bobak single-handedly bringing sexy back to the ranks of NASA?