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07th Aug 2017

You’ll never guess what modern men are doing to smell more manly

We think we MIGHT be fans.

Louise Carroll

Perfuming their beards. Yes, you read that correctly. 

It seems men are taking better care of themselves these days – at least some of them anyway.

With beards having made a major comeback in recent times, men have had to think outside the box, as dolloping on some aftershave isn’t always going to do the trick while extra locks of facial hair cover the skin.

Enter beard perfume.

Yes, men have begun spritzing and oiling up their stubble with perfumes, scented oils and beard balms in a bid to smell incredible. What kinds of scents you might ask. Well you need only take a peek on Amazon to find out – these products are EVERYWHERE.

Think cedar wood, lime, jojoba oil, cardamom, cloves, fruit and nut oils – their options seem just as endless as ours ladies.

And to feel extra manly among it all, often a beard brush will come with the oils, sometimes made from animal hair such as wild boar.

Once it’s not a horrid nauseating scent, we must admit, we have no qualms with this new trend that has men smelling fantastic.

As for the non-bearded, they’ll have to make do with that aftershave. (*sigh*)