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24th Aug 2022

Met Éireann’s great prediction as good weather to return from today

Summer’s not over yet.

As the kids get ready to go back to school, one last blast of heat is set to hit Ireland ensuring that summer is not over yet.

As we head into the last weekend before school returns, we can see sunny skies and high temperatures as Met Éireann gives some great predictions.

And in even better news for anyone heading to Electric Picnic next weekend, you might not have to pack your wellies.

Kicking in today, rain showers are set to start clearing up leading to some long spells of sunshine, especially along the east coast.

There are set to be a few scattered showers during the day but nothing too heavy and temperatures are expected to be between 17 and 20C.

With Thursday set to be very similar, the prediction warns: “Cloud will build from the west during the course of the day with outbreaks of rain developing across the western half of the country. It will remain mainly dry further east, but a few showers will move in around evening time. Highest temperatures of 16 to 20C.”

Friday will see some rain in the morning but it’s set to pass quickly, with long patches of dry, sunny weather and the odd scattered shower throughout the day with mostly clear spells.

Saturday and Sunday are the days to really look forward to as they are both set to see highs of 22C with bright spells and largely dry weather and only a few small showers.

When it comes to the following weekend, or as it’s known on this island as EP weekend, we’re in for another treat for Stradbally. With higher than normal temperatures expected, it’s only the southeast of the country that is expected to see rainfall meaning it’s very unlikely we’ll be camping in a swamp this year around. But maybe pack the wellies just in case, this is still Ireland after all.