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05th Oct 2012

Mayo’s Finest Enda Kenny Graces The Cover of Time Magazine

The Taoiseach stares meaningfully into the lens as he is named the man responsible for the Celtic comeback.

We never thought Taoiseach Enda Kenny was much of an inspiration, but it seems the people at Time magazine feel he is worthy of a cover.

Enda will be the first Taoiseach to appear on the cover of the European edition of Time since Sean Lemass, who graced the cover back in July 1963.

Mr. Kenny appears on the cover staring deeply into the lens behind the bold, green words ‘The Celtic Comeback.’

The magazine stated that our Taoiseach Enda is “leading Ireland’s fight to recover from the bust” before interviewer Catherine Mayer decribes his as “extremely likable”.

Yes, you read that right.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny appears on the cover on Time magazine

Aside from showcasing his rugged Mayo good looks (ha!), Mr. Kenny found time to talk about his political career and said that the people of Ireland are all that matter to him.

“I’ve no interest in looking for credit or thanks. Providing a prosperous future for all our people, that’s what drives me,” he said.

“People understand that you have to do difficult things to sort out our own public finances,” he said. thinks that Enda must be a fan of America’s Next Top Model because he certainly has Tyra Banks’ ‘smizing’ down to a tee.