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11th Jul 2012

Man Assaults Girlfriend With Bottle of Brown Sauce for Reading Fifty Shades of Grey…

A man was charged with a single count of common assault after squirting brown sauce at his girlfriend because she was reading THAT book...


If you’re reading Fifty Shades of Grey you might want to watch yourself. Why? Well, your other half might get so jealous of your love affair with the smutty book that he might attack you, like this guy.

The Irish Independent reports that a man has appeared in court after squirting brown sauce at his girlfriend’s face because she refused to stop reading the book (yes ladies, it’s true – you just can’t make up stories like this one…)

Anyway, Raymond Hodgson pled guilty to a single charge of common assault at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court in Cumbria.

According to his girlfriend’s lawyer, the couple started arguing after Mr Hodgson’s girlfriend read some extracts from the novel to him.

“Mr Hodgson thought that the book was pornographic, and that she should not read such literature,” said Adrienne Harris, who was representing Mr Hodgson’s girlfriend.

“The argument continued into the following day, with the two exchanging text messages. He went to her home at 7pm on June 26 and took with him a bottle of brown sauce,” Ms Harris added.

The fight escalated until Mr Hodgson squirted brown sauce at his girlfriend.

When asked about his views of the book, Mr Hodgson said that he thought Fifty Shades of Grey was “wrong” and that he did what he did to his girlfriend in order to show her what saucy really meant.

So ladies, has your boyfriend thrown any condiments over you for reading the book yet?