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29th May 2023

Madeleine McCann shrine discovered near reservoir in Portugal

Kat O'Connor

A ‘weird’ shrine dedicated to Madeleine McCann was discovered near the reservoir police were searching last week.

A British couple discovered the shrine before the investigation started. The shrine was decorated with flowers and a photograph of Madeleine McCann.

There were also rocks with an arrow painted on them that led people to the reservoir.

According to Mail Online, a couple found the shrine and said it was “very strange”.

The couple, named Ralf and Ann, said the scene was troubling. They sent photos of the ‘shrine’ to officers, but never heard back from them.

“Thinking about it now gives me goosebumps because when we saw where the police were searching the past few days you could see that’s where the row of stones was pointing to,” Ann told Mail Online.

“Back then when we found it the whole thing was just so weird. At the time I thought, ‘has someone dumped Madeleine in the water and then come back to make a shrine in her memory?’ It was so odd.”

Police recovered multiple items from the reservoir including clothing. They were reportedly searching the reservoir for Madeleine’s pajamas. She was wearing Disney-themed pajamas on the night she disappeared.

Madeleine has not been seen since she vanished in May 2007.

The young girl was only 3 years old when she went missing from her family’s holiday home in Praia da Luz, Portugal.


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