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06th Nov 2017

Love a coffee in the morning? You could soon be paying even more for it

Will this stop you buying your morning latte?

Olivia Hayes

There’s nothing better than a hot coffee in the morning.

Whether you’re on your way to work or college, or just fancy one while you’re walking around town, it’s nice to have a hot cuppa in your hands.

However, you might soon have to pay more for your takeaway cup as new measures are being implemented to tackle waste.

According to the Irish Independent, a levy of 15 cents could be put on takeaway cups as there is currently a vast amount of them being sent to landfills.

Image result for coffee takeaway cups

It has also been reported that the Environment Minister has already spoken to the likes of Insomnia and Supermac’s to see if they will implement the change.

What happened to the days of a cup of coffee for €2, eh?