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12th Nov 2016

Looking at your phone in bed is proven to have a seriously bad effect on your vision

Put that phone away!

Night-time online creepers need to listen up and listen GOOD.

If we’re not guilty of creeping on someone’s Facebook then we’re having a little look at our fave celebrity’s latest snaps on Instagram.

I certainly hate myself for the amount of time I waste on Twitterspending hours at night giggling at silly tweets.

It’s disturbing news to me and many others that scrolling through your phone at night can cause distress to your eyes and even cause temporary blindness.

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According to NYMagthat casual catch up we all do to catch up with the latest news, jokes, memes or images on our phones could be doing more harm than good.

Two unrelated British females were experiencing vision problems that occurred during the night or after waking up and doctors have found it was down to using their phones in bed just before sleeping.

The two women, who were part of a study for the New England Journal of Medicine reported tales of temporary blindness. The 22-year-old of the test subjects confessed to being unable to see out of her right eye at night for a short period of time. Meanwhile, the 40-year-old had trouble seeing in the morning for periods of up to 15 minutes.

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When the women went to an eye surgeon, the doctors took specific details from both and discovered that the problem was happening from the same issue – falling asleep on one side while scrolling Facebook.

The theory concludes with if a person is lying on their right side, their right eye is blocked by the pillow and is covered while the left eye absorbs the brightness of the screen, leaving the overall of a person unbalanced.

The doctors who ran the study advised people to put their phone down while getting ready to sleep.

“Our cases show that detailed history taking and an understanding of retinal physiology can reassure both patient and doctor and can avoid unnecessary anxiety and costly investigations”.

That’s that then. Put the phone AWAY!