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20th Jul 2021

How long is the heatwave going to last?

When will it end?

The weather is only getting warmer and warmer, with status orange warnings in five counties and status yellow warning for the rest of the country, we’re in for a scorcher.

While we’ll be giving out when it’s gone, the heat is becoming a lot and we’re just wondering, how long will this heatwave last?

Met Éireann has issued a high temperature advisory until Friday but it’s looking like this could be extended after the two weather warnings that have been put in place.

The forecaster has said: “Nights remaining very warm and humid. Hot and dry for Thursday, with showers developing in the south on Friday. Warm with sunny spells and a few showers over the weekend and early next week.”

Sunday was said to be the hottest day of the year with highs of 28.8 degrees in Athenry, Co Galway and 29.3 degrees at Mount Dillon in Co Roscommon.

Forecaster Liz Walsh told The Irish Times: “As we go through this week it does look like night time temperatures will rise even further so I wouldn’t be surprised if the advisory becomes a warning.”

It’s looking like these high temperatures are set to last well into early next week, but will gradually see a drop in temperatures.

Wednesday is set to be dry, hot and sunny, with highs of 26 to 30 degrees. There will be some clouds but they’re set to drift by the afternoon, but will stay a little “less warm along the south and east coast in a light southeast breeze.”

On Thursday, the forecaster said: “Thursday will be another hot and dry day with spells of sunshine in most areas. The sunshine will be a bit hazier than recent days with more cloud around, but there will still be plenty of warm sunshine on offer.”

And on Friday, they said: “Friday will bring a mix of warm sunny spells and scattered showers. At present, most of the showers look likely to occur over southern and western parts of the country, with the potential for some thundery downpours.

“It will remain very warm, but temperatures will be a few degrees lower than previous days with highs of 24 to 27 degrees in a light to moderate easterly breeze.”

The weekend is looking like it will cool down, but still like a Mediterranean summer to our standards.

With clouds and rain, it seems to be getting back to what we’re used to just a little warmer than normal with highs of 20 to 25 degrees.

The forecaster added: “At present it looks as though most of the showers will be confined to the east of the country, with lots of dry weather elsewhere. There will be spells of warm sunshine too, best in western counties. It will be less warm than this week, though temperatures will remain above normal.”

Early next week will see more of a decline in temperatures which are set to get back to what they normally are at this time of year, in the high teens or love twenties.