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30th Dec 2017

Irish schools to give Transition Year students sexual consent classes

Here is the outline of what they will learn.

Olivia Hayes

Definitely a move in the right direction.

Irish Transition Year students will begin to have classes on sexual consent.

As part of the new scheme, the teenagers will go through a number of classes and exercises, with the aim of challenging the preconceptions young people.

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone is completely in favour of the new scheme, telling the Irish Independent: “The #MeToo campaign made 2017 a watershed year in terms of raising awareness about sexual harassment, abuse and violence.”

“However, raising awareness is not enough. We must also act.

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“The Rape Crisis Centres have been doing terrific work in educating our young people on the issues involved, as has the Manuela Riedo Foundation. But Government too has a responsibility.

“It is my goal that the experiences we gain in the coming months will also be used to introduce this education into the mainstream syllabus, making it available to every young person in the country,” she said.